Why Countertops Might Just be the Easiest Home Addition You Can Do

When you've finally become a homeowner and can customize your spaces however you want, it's easy to get overwhelmed with all of the choices. Do you want carpet or hardwood in the living room? Should your refrigerator have an ice maker, or keep separate trays in the freezer? Unlike when you rent apartments or live with other people, the choice is completely yours as to what your space looks like. Many people opt for renovating their kitchen first, as it's a "practical renovation".

Whether or not you're intent is to become a chef, renovating your kitchen and putting granite countertops in is a smart decision. It improves the value of your home financially from a livable perspective, and the only downside you might find is the upfront cost. But even that lowers year after year, and you get what you pay for with home renovations. Let us convince you that quartz countertops and more will be worth the effort you put into them because they will make you a happy homeowner.

Materials That Last

If you've decided to replace your countertops with granite or quartz, then we're going to applaud you for making a popular choice. In a survey that was recently done revealed that 40 percent of homeowners favored countertops made out of quartz (engineered) for their current or planned kitchen renovation. The most likely reason for this is that quartz and granite both look amazing no matter what style your home has and they both last for an extremely long time. Since they're real stone, even if they get scuffed up or cosmetically damaged they can always be rebuffed and touched up by a stone finishing professional. When you have these types of countertops, you're making an investment in your home!

Aesthetically Pleasing = Valuable

No matter what type of home decoration or architecture magazine you open up, you're bound to see granite or quartz countertops in the most elegant homes. As we mentioned previously, they seem to go with a wide variety of styles and seemingly fit in anywhere. Because of this, they are also considered valuable to most prospective homeowners and it will increase the overall financial value of your home. If you've done the work to install them, you've saved them both time and money and they're usually willing to pay you for it. By taking a part of your kitchen and making it aesthetically pleasing, you've made it more attractive to prospective homeowners and a wonderful place to gather.

Have a Kitchen You Want to Be In

Many people complain that they aren't where they want to be in life because they don't have the proper tools, training, or time. If you want to be a better chef and have a kitchen worth envying, it's better to work on it now and get started than to continually wonder about "what could have been." By redoing your countertops so that you'll have nice granite or quartz ones instead of laminate, you'll be creating a space that just invites you to chop vegetables, make fancy pasta, or simply eat nuts and cheese on a wood board. Having nice countertops changes the entire "mood" of your kitchen in a great way so that you can finally get started on being the food wizard that you've always wanted to be.

Many Ways to Have a Great Home

Installing granite or quartz countertops is one of those simple ways that you can get started to have a great home. Every time you enter your kitchen, you'll be reminded that you're living in a high-class place that deserves five-star experiences. Even if you're only making macaroni and cheese for your friends, wouldn't you rather do it with the best ingredients available? We tend to match the level of quality that's around us, and we wouldn't be the first ones to point out that having a great kitchen was the first step toward eating healthier or buying better ingredients to cook with. There are many ways to have a great home, but why not start with the simplest? Contact PermaStone Countertop Solutions today and inquire about how you can upgrade your kitchen for the long haul.