9 Reasons to Get a New Countertop

The countertops in your kitchen are the focal point for all cooking and eating. And if they’re not doing their job, it can put a real damper on your home life. That’s why you should consider getting a new¬†countertop¬†before you do anything else to update your kitchen. Here are reasons to make the switch now.

1. A New Look

Your old counters probably look dated or worn out compared with other kitchens in today’s homes. With so many designs and materials available, there is no reason why yours shouldn’t be updated as well. You will feel like you have a brand-new kitchen when you see how good it looks with its shiny new surface that reflects light beautifully.

2. Clean Up

Your old counter surfaces may be worn out and stained, making them hard to clean. You probably have tried all of the cleaners and tricks you know to try. But it is time to give some new surfaces a chance if your kitchen isn’t looking as good as it should.

3. Better Functionality

Maybe your old countertop does its job well. However, advances in materials and manufacturing make possible better performing counters than what was available just a few years ago. These include surface colors that resist staining from food that would have been difficult for you to imagine even five years ago. Melamine-faced particleboard tops don’t sound so great anymore when there are other options available at comparable prices.

4. Better Appearance

Just because your kitchen may look great already doesn’t mean that you should continue to use inferior countertop materials. When you find the right material, it can blend in with any other decor seamlessly and make your kitchen seem bigger than ever. And if you want your counters to match other accents in the room, there is a countertop out there for you too.

5. More Choices

There are more countertop materials and styles available today than ever before. Gone are the days when you had to choose between Formica or stone. You can now get granite and quartz countertops with various colors, textures, and patterns that perfectly complement your kitchen.

6. Safety

When the only things holding up the food preparation surface of your kitchen area are a few strips of wood or particleboard, there is no way that it can be safe when wet. You might not think of safety as an issue because you haven’t had a problem with your current setup. But accidents do happen, and there’s always a chance that someone could mess under less-than-ideal conditions.

7. Functionality

There are even more safety issues when your counters aren’t designed to do their job for you. If one of the jobs they need to do is hold up heavy pots and pans, pine or particleboard isn’t going to turn into a good performance. Your pots may have started under gentle heat, but as soon as ingredients come into play, they could all change quite quickly. With some better materials available, there are lots of ways countertops can help you without being a hazard themselves.

8. Less Care

If your current kitchen counters are old and worn out, you probably feel like they require lots of maintenance and upkeep. A new surface will keep everything looking better for longer and make caring for it easier as well. That’s an important benefit when other things are going on that need your attention in the kitchen, such as food prep.

9. Better Life

Your new countertop can help extend the life of many other products in your kitchen if made well. If you have chosen a good counter, it will be easy to match up to cabinetry and other finishes in the room. This is like adding lots of polish for free on top of getting something that works the way you want it to.

There are many reasons to choose a new countertop for your kitchen. Before reading this, you may not have considered some of them, such as the value you will get from improved safety. Now that you know about these and other benefits, call Permastone Countertop Solutions LLC today, and we’ll help you find the perfect new countertop.