• What You Need to Know

    • Does Permastone Countertop Solutions offer financing?
      In the modern American home, having high-quality countertops is essential. However, that doesn't mean you need to take on an undue financial burden. We offer financing options to make our countertops more accessible for your renovation. Stop by or contact us directly to learn more about how we can help.
    • What kinds of countertop materials do you carry?
      We carry quartz, granite, marble for your countertops. Quartz has been rated among the top choices for countertop materials by Consumer Reports, while granite and marble remain immensely popular options. Among each of these categories, there are different varieties and brands available. Contact us to learn more about the materials we carry for countertops.
    • Are your estimates free?
      When determining your price point for countertops, you won't want to spend any more than necessary. Our estimates are always absolutely free and are easy to request right through our website.
    • Will Permastone Countertop Solutions install my countertop?
      In addition to delivering your countertops as part of our services, we'll also install your countertops for you. Our prices always include home installation, ensuring you won't have to seek out another provider during the renovation process.
    • Does Permastone Countertop Solutions deliver countertops?
      Countertops made of granite, quartz, and marble are often too heavy for customers to transport themselves. That's why our pricing always includes countertop delivery. This will ensure your natural or manufactured stone countertops arrive safe, sound, and ready for installation.
    • Does Permastone Countertop Solutions offer custom orders?
      Custom countertops can make all the difference in the design of your home. We're proud to offer custom orders to create the stone countertops of your dreams. Please note that it will take a few weeks for your custom order to be delivered. However, it'll be worth the wait!
    • Do you offer free quotes?
      We offer FREE quotes for all projects over 20 square feet. Contact us today!
    • I would like to have a bar in my kitchen for friends and family to sit. How much can the granite overhang the cabinet without su
      You can safely have 8″ of overhang without using corbels (support brackets). The size and number of corbels necessary can be determined once we have measured it. We prefer the corbels to be attached to the cabinetry prior to our installation. We provide iron as well as wood corbels.
    • How do I maintain my granite countertops?

      Using mild soap and water is one of the best ways to maintain granite countertops.


      You can also choose to purchase a spray-type cleaner or polisher from us. Contrary to the claims of engineered stone or quartz marketers, granite does not stain easily if properly sealed. The sealer we use provides an extremely well-sealed surface that will protect your investment for several years. This sealer may also be applied by one of our accredited applicators. 


      Cleaning will be much easier, allowing any spilled liquids to hold on the surface.

    • I’ve heard about pits and fissures in granite. Can you please explain these terms?
      The structure of granite is naturally crystalline and can have tiny pits or spaces between the various mineral crystals, as well as natural fissures that look like cracks. These are a naturally occurring result of immense heat and pressure. These characteristics are part of the natural beauty of stone and will not impair the function or durability of the material.
    • What type of edge finish is recommended?
      The type of edge finish you choose is a personal choice. It should be chosen in relation to the overall result intended. While some edges blend well in a modern, contemporary space, others are more suited for a refined, traditional look.
    • I want to switch out my old countertops, but there is nothing wrong with the backsplash. Can I keep the existing backsplash, and
      Depending on the installation of your countertop, we'll be able to keep the existing backsplash tile. However, if the tile is applied to laminate, the bottom row of the tile might be wavy. We'll make a final determination during the measure.
    • What is quartz (engineered stone) countertop material?

      Engineered stone or quartz countertops are man-made products, although they contain 93% natural quartz. The quartz is ground to gravel, then combined with 7% resin and colorants and pressed into 2-cm and 3-cm slabs.


      Permastone Countertop Solutions is a certified fabricator and installer of the Cambria, Hanstone, and Zodiaq line(s) of quartz countertops. Quartz countertops are resistant to heat and scratch. The surface is smooth with no pits or fissures. They are non-porous and do not require sealers. They are LEED-compliant and GREENGUARD-certified.

    • What is the difference between granite, marble, and limestone?
      • Granite is an igneous rock. It is formed from the solidifying of liquid magma under extreme pressure deep in the earth to form a substance approaching the hardness and durability of a diamond. It is high in quartz and feldspar and is resistant to heat and scratching.
      • Marble and limestone are made of calcium carbonate. They are softer than granite. This makes the polished surface of the stone easy to scratch and vulnerable to etching by household acids like vinegar, citrus, and mustard. The appearance of scratches or etching can be minimized by honed finishes.
      • Granite is recommended for use in kitchens over other natural stones due to its durability.
    • What is quartzite?
      Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that was originally pure quartz sandstone. Through heating and pressure, generally related to tectonic compression within organic belts, sandstone is converted into this hard, non-foliated rock.