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At Permastone Countertop Solutions, we offer a range of countertop solutions for your residential or commercial property. If you’re interested in installing granite countertops for your bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor kitchen, we have a large inventory of beautiful slabs for you to choose from. As a trusted service provider, we are proud to source premium-quality granite slabs available in a variety of stunning colors. 

Our granite countertop services in Tulsa include:

  • Sales and design  
  • Countertop installation 
  • New construction and remodeling 

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Types of Granite Countertops 

The mineral composition of granite includes varying percentages of micas, quartz, and feldspar, which is where its unique range of colors comes from. 

The main types of granite countertops include:

  • White: White granite countertops provide a clean, classic appearance. Common types of white granite include Bianco Antico, Ivory Fantasy, Moon White, River White, and Juparana Delicatus. 
  • Black: Black granite countertops are an excellent way to add a flare of drama and luxury to your home or commercial property. Common types of black granite include Black Galaxy, Black Pearl, and Uba Uba. 
  • Gray: Gray granite countertops are very sleek and modern. Common types of gray granite include New Caledonia and Steel Gray. 
  • Brown and gold: Because they add such warmth and a depth of color to any indoor space, brown and gold granite countertops are very popular. Common types of brown granite include Baltic Brown, New Venetian Gold, and Tan Brown.

Granite is also available in a range of reds, greens, and blues for those searching for a more unique look. Whatever your goals, Permastone Countertop Solutions is here to bring your vision to life! 

Why Granite Is a Good Choice for Your Countertops 

As a natural, igneous rock formed from magma in the Earth’s crust, granite is massive, hard, and tough. These properties have made it an incredibly popular construction material. 

Below are 6 reasons why you should install granite countertops:

  1. Durability: As one of the hardest materials on earth, granite is incredibly strong, durable, and chip- and scratch-resistant.   
  2. Cleanliness: Granite is bacteria and dirt-resistant, which makes it easy to clean, especially once it is properly sealed. It can be cleaned using a soft cloth and some dish soap. 
  3. Increased property value: If you are planning on selling your home or property anytime soon, new granite countertops can increase the resell value. 
  4. Unique: No two pieces of granite look the same, making this an incredibly unique option. Additionally, granite is available in a huge range of colors. 
  5. Heat resistant: As it was formed under extreme heat, granite is quite heat resistant.
  6. Stain resistant: Granite by itself is porous and easily stained, but when properly sealed, it maintains a high level of stain resistance. 

When it comes to reliable and beautiful countertops, granite is hard to beat. Permastone Countertop Solutions is happy to explain your options to you and help you make the best choice. Give our Tulsa granite countertop experts a call to learn more. 

How to Fix Cracked Granite Countertop

Fixing small cracks in granite countertops requires delicate handling to prevent additional damage. While homeowners can address minor cracks themselves, significant damage necessitates professional assistance. Here's a guide for repairing small cracks in granite countertops:

  • Clean the countertop thoroughly.
  • Assess the crack for suitability for repair.
  • Prepare the crack by cleaning it out.
  • Tape the edges around the crack.
  • Apply epoxy resin to fill the crack.
  • Cover the repair with plastic wrap.
  • Allow the epoxy to cure as per instructions.
  • Remove the tape and excess epoxy.
  • Optional: Sand rough areas and polish the countertop.

Remember, it's essential to exercise caution and consider seeking professional assistance for more extensive or complex damage.

5 Common Myths About Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are one of the most popular types of countertop material. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns and can be customized to match your kitchen or bathroom decor. Because they're so common, it's easy to fall prey to certain myths about granite. Here are five common myths about granite countertops debunked for you.

Myth 1: Granite Countertops Are Very Expensive

Some types of granite are very common, which makes them more affordable. Other kinds are rarer, which means they're more expensive. Even among the same type of granite, there can be significant variation in price due to the size of the slab—a larger slab will cost more than a smaller one. But generally, granite is within the mid-price range of countertop materials.

Myth 2: Granite Will Stain Easily

Granite is a naturally occurring stone, and like all natural stones, it can be more susceptible to staining. However, there are many things you can do to protect your countertops from stains. The first step is to add a sealer to the surface of the granite right after installation. A good sealer will keep spills from penetrating the stone and causing a stain. You can also use a cutting board or trivet when preparing foods with a high risk of staining, such as beets or red onions.

Myth 3: All Granite Countertops Look the Same

Granite slabs can vary dramatically in color and pattern. Most granite companies offer a wide range of colors and patterns for you to choose from. You're likely to find something that perfectly matches your kitchen decor. Just visit a granite countertop company and start looking at examples of their stone—you'll quickly see how varied it can be.

Myth 4: Granite Countertops are Easily Damaged

Granite is a very durable material. In fact, it's rated as one of the most durable types of countertop material available. It won't chip or scratch easily, so your investment will be protected for many years to come.

Myth 5: Granite is Difficult to Maintain

Granite doesn't need very much maintenance to keep it looking great. A good sealer will protect the surface and minimize staining, and all you'll need to do is wipe up spills as they happen. Again, if your granite is sealed properly, you shouldn't need to reseal it for many years.

According to the NAR, most consumers (34%) remodel to upgrade worn-out surfaces, 18% of the time simply because they want a change and 15% of the time to add new features. Whatever your reason for installing granite countertops, do not let these common myths hold you back. By taking the time to learn the facts about granite countertops, you can make an informed decision about whether or not this material is right for your home.

Our Granite Countertops Outdated? 

People have different opinions on granite countertops, but many people are happy with granite countertops and would not consider them outdated. 

Call Permastone Countertop Solutions! 

If you’re building or remodeling a home or commercial property, the right countertop can really tie everything together and elevate the aesthetic of any space. Let Permastone Countertop Solutions help you select, design, and install the perfect granite countertop for your space. We work closely with you to understand your design goals and preferences before transforming the look and feel of your home or business. 

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